Mark Knight Pottery

Handcrafted Pottery made in Tasmania.

Mark Knight Profile

Born in Melbourne in 1955, Mark had a great interest in art from an early age. After graduating form Caulfield Institute of Technology with an Associate Diploma in Art and Design (Ceramic Design) in 1980 Mark moved to Hobart.

His work soon received recognition in the form of several prizes and awards in exhibitions ranging from The Tasmanian Ceramics Association, Royal Hobart Show and Circular Head Arts Show.

Mark is the immediate past president of the Tasmanian Ceramics Association, currently teaches at Adult Education as well as being a full time potter.

His work is represented in the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery (Launceston) and the Clarence Council Collection.

His studio is located at  his home, with views of the garden which often inspire his decorative pottery styles.

It's a relaxing atmosphere  which encourages Mark's creativity. 


Mark would like to acknowledge Robin Roberts for his photographic work.